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Rich River Garden Mulch

Rich River Garden Mulch supply three different types of mulch. All of which are a renewable natural resource and:

  • Conserve water by reducing evaporation due to sun and wind.
  • Supress weed growth.
  • Encourage worm activity and microbial life in the soil.

Rich River Lucerne Mulch

Lucerne (alfalfa) is an outstanding mulch. It is very nutritious and is one of the few mulches which breaks down quickly adding substantial nitrogen to the soil.


  • Is used extensively as the key mulch in organic and no dig gardens.
  • Is rich in beneficial essential and trace elements.
  • Breaks down to feed plants and improve soil structure (especially clay and sand-based soil that lacks organic matter).
  • Is ideal mulch/feed for roses and shrubs.
  • Is an excellent activator for compost.

Application: Spread 50-75mm deep on weed-free, watered soil. Water well after applying.

Rich River Pea Straw

Pea straw is ideal for the home gardener to use in the vegetable garden, around fruit trees, shrubs, and roses.

Pea straw:

  • Is a naturally soft material that breaks down quickly and conditions the soil.
  • One of the legume family of plants, which are high in nitrogen.

Application: Spread 50-75mm deep on weed free, watered soil. Water well after applying.

Pea straw may contain a few pea seeds that will self-germinate. These can easily be weeded out or left to grow to provide more natural nitrogen to the soil. The precut, compressed 80 litre packs reduces the quantity of self-germinating seeds.

Rich River Crop Straw

Crop straw (usually wheat or barley straw) generally needs a sprinkle of nitrogen to help decomposition. Crop straw is a great economical mulch, ideal to protect strawberries and vegetable gardens from soil-borne diseases.

Application: Spread around plants over watered soil.

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