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Our Mulch

Mulch Bags


Premier product that will give the most nutrition to the soil. Adds nitrogen, minerals, encourages worms and generally improves soil quality, increasing plant health and yields. Great for veggie gardens, roses, flowers, fruit trees and shrubs.

Pea Straw

Light and easy to spread. Nutritious and also great for veggie gardens, flowers, trees, shrubs and pots. Also improves the soil as it decays, which lasts for months. Helps control weeds which is great for a low maintenance garden.

Farm Bales

Pea Straw

Is one of the legume family of plants, which are also high in nitrogen. Pea straw may contain a few pea seeds which may germinate. These can easily be weeded out or left to grow to provide more natural nitrogen to the soil.

Wheat Straw

Is a great economical mulch, and generally needs a sprinkle of nitrogen to help decomposition. It is ideal to protect strawberries and vegetable gardens from soil borne diseases.